Sunday, May 20, 2012

Student Work

Every Wednesday,  from January through April, I had the opportunity to introduce 10 amazing, awesome, talented girls to the world of art journaling.  On the last day I asked them if I could take pictures of their favorite pages from the semester.  To say they are inspiring seems like a massive understatement.  Take a look at their work.
Check out this page in Eilee's journal...
 ...and here's a shot of her cover.  Don't you love the graffiti lettering?
 This is Emily's journal.  Great use of layers.
 I love the colors of Blythe's cover.
 Here's a page from Aliysa.  I really like the colors and the book text circles.  I wish I had a picture of her background doodles.  They blew my mind.
 Hannah couldn't decide which one she liked most, so we took a picture of both this one (note the googly eyes in the center of the flowers on the bottom) and...
 ...this one.
 This is Monica's circle doodle page.  Monica has a knack with metallics!
 This is Dakota's cover.  So pretty!
Amira also had two pages that she liked.  This one with the great paint layers...
 and this one, which is just a brilliant idea.
 This one was Vanessa's favorite.  She rocks the circles.

I know I may be a little biased but these must be the most brilliant 14-17 year olds ever.  I wish I could show all their work because I found something inspiring in everything they did.  While I was teaching them, I learned too.  For instance, I learned to think about nail polish for more than just fingernails, I'm now obsessed with graffiti lettering, and SO MUCH MORE!  Plus, it was a great reminder of the most important lesson I've learned in art journaling (which translates into life)...there is power in DOING!  Trying to see the end from the beginning is a great way to end up stuck and miserable.  Doing the small steps along the way yields the best inspiration.  AND even when you're not crazy about the outcome, it's good to remember that things not working out the way you would have liked is still a valuable lesson.  Thank you to my crazy amazing class.  You're all WONDERFUL!  Just keep doing (sorry guys, I just had to say it one more time)!