Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome to Crazytown...Population 4

Oh my, what a crazy day. I am still in the throws of potty training. Some people (my son) are so stubborn. I also have been working on my nephew's monkey cake. Monday cakes are hard because I don't have a chance to get a head start on Sunday and Saturday is too early to start baking (stale cake, yuck!) so it all has to be done on Monday. I woke up early and had a nice easy run. It was absolutely beautiful outside this morning. I had a relaxing 2 miles to do today and enjoyed every minute of it. I came home and started the laundry and began baking cakes. This monkey is two 9x13 cakes laid out end to end and then carved. So he's really tall. I made the pattern based on a monkey I designed for my daughters 5th birthday party invitations a few years ago. The cake board, tree branch and leaves are made from rolled marshmallow fondant. I like to make my own fondant because the store bought kind tastes awful. Plus it's easy to make and TONS cheaper. Just a bag of marshmallows, a bag of powdered sugar, and some water. Everything else is buttercream.
This monkey's face reminds me of my nephew. He is most hilarious. So a BIG happy birthday to Drew. I just love that kid. Well, now that birthday season is pretty much wrapped up, I hope to be able to play with my paper stash. I've been having withdrawls.


  1. I love the wonderful cake! The monkey just makes me smile. Have a great day!

  2. What a cake that was! I don't know how you can make a cute cake that actually tastes awesome too!! Jake needs to come and play with Tyler one of these days. Tyler keeps asking if Jake can come play at our house. Now that party season is over, they will have withdrawls if we don't get them together soon! : )

  3. I beg to differ...your cakes could so win the Food Network Challenge! You are amazing!! You ooze talent!! Sounds like you've been busy and having some fun! Our big birthday month is April and it's a busy one!! Have a great 4th!! ♥ ya!