Friday, February 5, 2010


Okay people, is there anyone else out there that would find attending Donna Downey's "inspired" artist workshop an absolute dream come true? How I love Donna's art and you should see the people she has teaching. Take a look HERE. It looks like the best 3 days ever. And just as a little disclaimer, I have never met Donna, nor has she paid for my endorsement. I just happen to think that if 1) I didn't live all the way across the country (it's in North Carolina, where it's much warmer, I'm told) and 2) I had the pesos, I couldn't think of too many better ways to spend 3 days of my life. I probably wouldn't even be able to concentrate on my art because I think I would just sit there in absolute awe. Well, time for me to wake up from my sweet little dream, but I hope that if someone out there gets to go to "inspired", I'd be HAPPY to hear a report (and see all of your projects).

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