Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today's Art Adventure

This week, my little ones, have been showing signs of the big "B" word. That's right. The word that makes moms crazy (at least this mom). The word that kids use when they think that their mom needs to entertain them. Yep! They're BORED! Which means for me that I haven't been spending too much time painting. They were needing something to do and I was needing an art adventure, SO we decided to paint rocks.
Here is my 3 year old's paint experiment. It didn't take him long to finish his rocks, but he thoroughly enjoyed mixing paint and seeing what color he could make his rinse water.
Here is my 8 year old (at least until Monday) working on her masterpieces.
And here's our finished rocks. Since after applying paint to rocks, they are now too special to part with, my kids' rocks are now living in our home on a semi-permanent basis, but mine had a special purpose. My daughter and I headed out to the walking path that runs along the river and left my rocks for others to find.
She helped me find just the right spots for each and every rock and we had a great time trying to decide where to put them and wondering what the people who would find them would think. Where will they end up? Who would be the lucky recipients? Would someone throw them in the river? And if they did, what would the fish think? It's just so exciting to think about.
Hopefully, one of them will brighten someone's day. Because painting rocks just made a pretty happy art adventure for the three of us today. Now hopefully, I can spend tomorrow at my desk getting some painting done on one of the many backgrounds I have started that are awaiting my attention without having to hear the "B" word. Hey! A girl can dream.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great day! Thanks for the offer of letting us use Gus. That is very kind of you guys. Luckily the car was not crazy expensive to fix. Not that we loved having to spend what we did, but luckily we had it, and everything seems to be working for now!!

    Hopefully your rocks made someone's day!

  2. These are fabulous. Great things to do with your kidlets when they are the "B" word. Now, I have to figure out what to do with two very teenage boys who have mentioned the "B" word lately! lol.

  3. Such beautiful rocks! Great project to share with our younger generation of artists, ;)! Mind if I borrow your idea to use with my great-niece next week?

  4. Beautiful rocks! Your children are blessed to have such a creative and special mom. I love your idea to leave the rocks for others to find!

  5. Your rocks look lovely, glad to see you had fun with it. Its always fun to imagine who picks up the rocks that I have left.

  6. I'm a new follower, just had to tell you that I love how colorful, inspiring & beautiful your blog, and your projects are!! Can't wait to see more! : )

    Aimee @ Justkiddingaroundatlanta