Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Day!

I finally made my way back to my blog. It has been a little crazy around here. There have been meetings for school, church, etc., house organization, an appraisal, teaching art at my daughter's school, cookie decorating, running an election, then, of course, there was Halloween (which is now a week long event apparently), and a thousand other little things. On top of that I have been working on getting my art business set up so I can sell some things. This is turning into a frustrating process. Do I register as a sole proprietor, LLC, or what? I have been asking around and am now more confused than ever. I could hire an attorney but that seems a little drastic to just sell a little art, not to mention it would seriously cut into my paint budget. Does anyone out there have any advice? I'm open to it all. I did, however, manage to finish another painting to have printed as a card.
Happy Day
5"x7" mixed media, on watercolor paper
I started this a while ago but I had it on the backburner while I have been working on other things. I'm trying to wrap up a few unfinished pieces and one that has been intimidating me for months. It's just sitting here staring at me every day and I really need to just be brave and work on it some more. OK I just talked myself into it. I better hurry up and get to work before I change my mind.


  1. Hi Jolene,

    Your painting is so sweet!

    Re. business - If it's your own business and you have no business partner, then you would register as a Sole Trader. That's how it is here in Australia. :)

    Have a great weekend,
    Serena :)

  2. Its good to see you back, I was hoping that you hadn't gotten ill again or that it had gotten worse. I was going to call you but sill me never got to that. I would do the sole proprieter thing. That is what I did with my dyeing business. that is such a sweet page you did.


  3. You could have called your neighborhood business major. :-) My advice for the business would be to register an ABN (Assumed Business Name). I had a big long explanation typed out, but it looked stupid, so give me a call sometime. :-) Or we'll just talk on Saturday.

  4. Love the sweet cupcake! Your cards are really sweet! Thanks so much for stopping by- I really enjoyed your comment. Although I'd rather avoid thinking about how much "tuition" all the projects I've done have cost. :) I'm all about avoidance on that one.