Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Still working on my little painting from my last post. So far it has been painted, rubbed with alcohol (hated the color), painted again, rubbed with more alcohol, painted one more time, sanded, transferred on, and bubble wrapped! It's always an adventure, but I want LOVE it when I'm done. I hope whoever gets to take it home from the fundraiser loves it too. Don't forget: If you are anywhere near the Blue Hashi on October 3rd, to come out and help support Hunter's wish. By the way, if you are wondering what his wish is, it is to go to Disney World with his twin brother (who has the same disease) and his parents.
I'll be back with more progress. Have a great day and do a little something to make your own wish come true for you.


  1. I'm excited to see the painting that emerges! You are so talented! I love what you've done so far.

  2. Just keep with it and you'll have something you love.