Monday, May 19, 2014

Hunting Again

Lately I've been doing some sketching.  I'm almost done with my large Moleskine sketchbook, so I am focusing on filling it up and putting it on the shelf.  I absolutely, positively, LOVE the feel of a Moleskine sketchbook in my hands.  I love everything about Moleskine sketchbooks except for one teensy litttle thing...I absolutely, positively do not love the paper in the Moleskine sketchbooks for painting with watercolors and that's a problem, because watercolors are my first choice for on the go sketching.  I'm also not crazy about the Moleskine watercolor sketchbooks.  I'm not a fan of the perforated pages and they are only available in a landscape layout.  So, once again, I find myself hunting for the perfect sketchbook.  I know that I am not alone.  As I read about the processes of many sketchbook artists, I have learned that we are all searching for the perfect sketchbook.  So my hunt will continue but until then, I will just keep filling up the last few pages of my Molly with sketches like this.
We had some visitors at our apple tree last week.  There were dozens of Cedar Waxwings eating the blossoms.  For two days they stayed and passed blossoms between each other and then they moved on.  Our family enjoyed watching them but they are fast little things, so I painted the apple blossoms while I was standing under the tree but I had to paint the bird from a photo reference.  They were just too speedy.

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  1. This is beautiful Jolene, you know how I love birds.