Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Time Has Come

Well, I know that it has been awhile since I have posted anything. I haven't been just holding down the sofa, I just haven't been doing the kind of projects that I can (OK, won't) post. You see, I love art (in case you haven't noticed) and years ago before my daughter was born, I had the opportunity to take some private painting lessons with the fabulous Ruth Sauerbreit. I love watercolors but I'm still quite an amateur. But children are born and the brushes and paints get pushed to the back of the closet by the Play-Doh, pony beads, glitter glue, etc. but the love of my paints are always still in the back of my mind. Sometimes the really, really far back, but always still there. I have been working with them a little lately and practicing my sketching more but I'm still too self conscious to share. Maybe with a little more practice. Maybe. I just makes me happy.
I have been trying all week to finish a great Halloween project to share before tomorrow but the weather was awful and I couldn't spray the last coat of glitter and as much as I enjoy a little sparkle in my life, I don't think that spray painting glitter in the living room would be such a great idea. Therefore, I will have to leave you in suspense a little longer. It's turning out super cute though.
Why before tomorrow, you ask? Well, I am pretty meticulous about taking care of my teeth. I brush, I floss, I rinse. But there is one thing that I have never been able to bring myself to take care of and that is removing my wisdom teeth. They have been impacted for years but they don't bother me and I can think of approximately one million things that I would rather do, so I just haven't taken care of them. That all changed at my last cleaning. It was time for my full mouth x-ray and one look told me that one of my wisdom teeth was on the move. It is now parallel with my gums and the top of the tooth is into the roots of my other teeth. Oh, and all that moving has formed a cyst. Tomorrow morning I am going under the knife. I have been told that it will probably not be pretty. Can't hardly wait. Plus Saturday is World Card Making Day! I will be celebrating by holding bags of frozen peas to my face and watching Conference while heavily medicated. Not exactly the World Card Making Day of my dreams. So it will be a little longer before I have something new to share but my haunted house project is hopefully worth the wait. 'Til then, have a happy World Card Making Day and be sure to enjoy it for me too.


  1. Hope all goes well. I will check in tomorrow and see what ya need. Jake is welcome to come over and play. That would make Tyler's day. Anyway, I will check in tomorrow, but probably with Blaine since I bet you won't be talking much. I love you and good luck!

  2. Why do teeth have to be so complicated? I've always wondered why they couldn't be formed out of some indestructible substance with no roots to cause pain! :-)

    Good luck today. I imagine by now you're done, and miserable. Tell Blaine to give us a call if you need anything at all this weekend. We'll be just down the road (Brett's still working on the Holt's bathroom.).