Thursday, April 15, 2010


How do you know that spring is finally here? Well, I'll tell you. You open the door to find this on your porch.
That, my friends, is a beautiful, handcrafted "mud cake" that my children made just for me. Normally when I find a muddy disaster on my porch, I am not happy, but this muddy disaster 1) was a gift from my kids and 2) means that the ground has thawed enough to be able to make mud, and the thought that spring might stay around for a while makes me ecstatic! Usually, where we live, it is either blazing hot or below freezing. Summer and winter are much longer here and spring and fall usually involve some form of snow. Plus another sign I look for is pansies. When the primroses begin to disappear from the store and the pansies arrive, that means summer is not far behind. And guess what Jake and I smelled on our way out of the store today...that's right...pansies. Wahoo!
As I was signing in to post this, I noticed that this is my 100th post. I can't believe that I have had 100 things to say. Amazing. I know that some people do something fun for their 100th post but I guess this just caught me off guard. So not so fun I'm afraid. But thanks for reading my little blog anyway. It's been great to catch up with friends and meet new ones.
I've been working on a little page in my art journal after my last post. It was inspired by the word "shine" from the Nelson Mandela quote I used. After I finished it, I sat down to read my scriptures and was inspired by another "shine" quote, so I started that one too. I'm still working on it but "shine" seems to be the theme this week.
I truly didn't know where this was going to go when I started it. I just had the word in my head. The painting just led me along. I love the bright colors. I really haven't decided on what medium I prefer. Tonight I am going to "Open Art Night" at the local art guild and I am nervous. My painting is very different from anything that I have seen there but I hope to learn from the artists and have a good time. I just can't decide what to work on. I copied some of my brother's awesome photographs to paint but we'll see. I guess I can always gesso over whatever doesn't work. Well, I guess I had better get some things done so that I can go tonight. And thanks again for sticking around for 100 posts.

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  1. Nice mud pie. Glad they were able to get out and play in the mud today. My kids dumped shovel fulls of sand all over the cement pad in the back yard for their fun this afternoon. I totally didn't care because they were dumping crap around outside and not inside. Sand on the deck is not worse than a huge bucket of legos on the floor.

    Love the painting, have fun at your art night!!