Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Sketch A Day

I have been working to improve my drawing ability lately, so I have started a sketch a day journal. I sometimes don't have time in my busy day to get a big drawing done but I know that I can complete this tiny rectangle each day, without being overwhelmed. As soon as I am overwhelmed, I start to panic and when something I'm working on becomes more stressful than fun, I have a hard time finishing it. This is just a way to make sure I have at least a few minutes of drawing done each day, no matter how simple.
So far, I've kept it up for a week and it's still fun. Well, I'm off to do the not so fun task of feeding my family.


  1. You are insanely talented, lady! I can't even comprehend something that beautiful coming from my efforts. Keep it up, some day you're going to be "discovered" and become famous, so you'd better enjoy home life while you can! ;-)

  2. I LOVE this idea of splitting up a page to fit daily takes the pressure off filling a page per day. Thanks for the inspiration! Great pages, btw. :)