Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Kasey!

What do you get the 10 year old boy who has everything?
A bunch of shirts! That's what! 20 of them to be exact. I found this little tutorial HERE. There are some amazing things that people can do with dollar bills out there. It boggles the mind. These are a little complicated and it took awhile to fold 20 of them but my dad just gave me five more dollars to fold some for him, and I got them done in no time flat. I guess all that practice has added a new skill to my repertoire but I think I will have to wait until I can regain feeling in my fingertips before I do any more dollar bill origami. $20 (and $5) is hard on the fingers. But they are fun and worth it for my nephew (and dad). We wrote on the card "we heard that you wanted clothes for your birthday, so we got you a bunch of shirts." He wasn't terribly excited about a bunch of shirts until he realized they were hard, cold cash (which is what he wanted for his birthday. Just cash) He loved his shirts and I bet he has never been able to say that before. He is the sweetest boy! I just love him and I can't believe he's 10. Wow! Happy Birthday Kasey! Love you.

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