Monday, July 12, 2010

A Fun Day...

...and a not so fun follow up.
OK, so I am a little behind in updating my blog, so first let me start with a couple more journal pages I finished while answering the hard questions in Creative Awakenings. First is my things I would wish for if all that was involved is a wave of magic wand. While going through an old magazine, I found the Fairy Godmother. The image was perfect.I having the best time with cutting the edges of my journal pages.
So much fun, in fact, that I cut this one into a lightbulb. I loved it and then I turned it over and realized that I would have to come up with something lightbulb shaped for the back page. And then EPIPHANY! I got it. But you'll have to wait a bit before I show you what it is.
I had a great day on Thursday. I spent the day with Kate in her home. We worked on our journals, we looked through her beautiful journals and collaboration books, learned about Copic markers from Kate's super talented daughter, I met her critters, saw her flags, and had an all around great art day.
Here's Kate and I in her studio. Check out that wall of stamps behind us. Wowzer! Also, please disregard my very round Prednisone face. Argh!!!
Here is Kate's page that she worked on . It was lovely. You can see more of her art HERE.
And here's what I ended up putting on the back of my lightbulb page:
That's right! A question mark. I made it while at Kate's house and I am LOVING that irregular stack of pages that I am making. They just look so cool together. I had a great day with Kate and I hope to do it again really soon. Thank you Kate!
I have been battling a cough for the last couple of weeks and decided on Friday afternoon, that I should probably go in and have it checked out. I have been hesitating because that would have been my third visit to the doctor in a month and that is just crazy! Can you believe I have pneumonia?!!! I just want to bang my head. Apparently when you have an auto-immune issue, little bugs become big bugs rather easily. Now I know. I had to have a shot on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday which brings my grand total of visits in a month to 5! Crazy. And that doesn't even count the opthamologist and the LSA scan and the rheumatologist. I didn't see a doctor that much even when I was pregnant! Gratefully my visit with the rheumatologist is tomorrow. I have been waiting for a month to see him and get an "official" diagnosis and hopefully be on the road to feeling better. I'm tired of living in limbo. I know that tomorrow, my life will change forever, but I'm ready to know...knowledge is power, and I have felt powerless for far too long.


  1. I absolutely love your journal pages! Your lightbulb/question mark page is totally cool! I saw Ingrid's "Cutting Edge" article in the current issue of "Art Journaling" and have just recently done my first cut-edge journal page, and loved it. I agree, they add tons of interest to the book, to see pieces of subsequent pages intrigingly peeking out from behind, ;). Love what you have done here!

    And, my goodness, you'll soon have the doctor's student loans paid off, at this rate. I'm so sorry to hear you've been so sick. Wishing you blessings, and hoping you get some answers and help at the rheumatologist tomorrow. Take care.

  2. Hi Jolene,

    What a lovely blog you have....I LOVE your journal pages, particularly the question mark.

    My Mum has Rheumatoid Arthritis (which is an auto-immune disease) and is on daily Prednisone. I hope all goes well with your appointment tomorrow.

    Btw, I found my way here via Kate's blog. So nice to 'find' you.

  3. I really LOVE the lightbulb page and you chose perfectly for the back side of it! Very creative and fun and full of color! I fully understand where you are at right now... I had pneumonia for two months in 2009 and now I am battling a rather difficult and frustrating Fibromyalgia. I am waiting to get in to see a Rheumatoid specialist and the Chronic Pain clinic as well. It's frustrating but at least we have God, good friends, and our art to bring smiles!

  4. Jolene,

    Oh I hope you here some good news tomorrow. I am sorry to hear you have pneumonia and I hope you are taking the time to care for yourself. That is so important.

    I will be caught up to you in Creative Awakenings soon. In fact I went ahead and made the Milestones Passport this morning. I do have to finish the questions now. Its too easy to skip over them and get to some of the fun stuff.

  5. HiJolene,Thanks for your sweet comment! Your journal pages are so inspiring they make me want to go journal + cut the pages. Why didn't I think of that? so simple. so fun. Sounds like a great book. I've seen it + even had it on my wishlist, i just need to take the plunge + get it and work through it. Thanks for sharing your journals. love them. have you heard any news?