Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thinking Alike

Yesterday, my sweet husband took me out to dinner to celebrate our 18th anniversary. After dinner, I asked him to take me to the Barnes & Noble so I could pick up the new copy of this:Of course, since I was at Barnes & Noble, I had to peruse the art book section, just in case I find something that just makes my heart beat faster. I was visiting with a woman who was looking at the bead art books (I meet the coolest people in the art book section) when another woman began checking out the mixed media books. I noticed she was carrying a copy of "Art Journaling" too and I realized she looked a lot like Kate's (see previous post) picture on her blog. I looked at her and worked up my nerve, "Are you Kate?" It was Kate! Amazing. Although we live in the same city, we had sent messages about getting together, but we just hadn't worked it out yet. Anyhoooo...Kate is wonderful! We visited for about 20 minutes about all the mixed media books as if we had known each other forever. So much fun! Not only were we both carrying the same magazine, but we both were checking out the same book. I ordered this book on Thursday but I was so excited to see it, that I wanted to check it out.I know, I'm impatient, but I am just so excited. And now that I've seen it in person, I'm even more excited. I may or may not have checked UPS 3 times today already just to see where it is now. The holiday is making my little "Drawing Lab" treasure SO SLOW. Kate was looking at "Drawing Lab" also, to see if she wanted to order it herself. What's that about great minds? Oh yeah, that's right. They think alike! It was so great to meet Kate and I look forward to visiting with her again soon.

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  1. Oh I am glad you posted about this too. It was so much fun to meet you and especially in the way it happened. I am really enjoying the Art Journaling issue there are some great articles and wonderful art.