Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Joyful Song

I've been working on this page in my "big journal" for a while. I find it funny (but not in the HA! HA! kind of way) that I found myself even working on this on the week that I was SO NOT singing a joyful song. I'm not sure if it is me hoping to sing a joyful song or my twisted sense of humor that caused this but that's the way it worked out. I'm also not sure that I am done with it but I'm sure I'll find that out later. Maybe add some journaling later or something. That's just the way art journaling works! You just never know.


  1. Looks good! Hope you have a better week coming to ya!

  2. Nice journal page; I love the colors, and the white outlining really makes it all pop. Hope this finds you singing a joyful song today. I know your sentiments of creating something that is so not your current feelings. Sometimes I believe I do this in hopes that the feelings expressed will embed themselves in me, and send me soaring in that direction; and sometimes it works for me, and sometimes it doesn't, ;). Wishing you a joyful week ahead.

  3. A gorgeous journal page! Almost a command to let your voice sing out with joy!