Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Painted Canvas Tutorial

Here's a little project I have been working on for Christmas. I took some pictures along the way so that you could see my process. It all began with a piece of inexpensive canvas that I cut to fit my kitchen table (the biggest work space in my house). If I had a bigger kitchen table, I would have made it larger, but when it comes to art, part of the creativity is finding ways to work with what you have.
I started by making some acrylic yellow/orange sort of circle shapes all over the canvas with my palette knife. Then I made some petal shapes with my palette knife using magenta, orange, white, and a little bit of yellow around my circles.
Then using a angled bristle brush, I added leaves with green, dark green, yellow, white, and a little blue. I then filled in the empty spaces with a mix of turquoise and white.
Using black fluid acrylics and water, I lined the petal shapes I found in the flowers and leaves. I can't seem to line anything without going back and lining it again. I LOVE to double line things. I also added dots for details.
Afterwards, I go back in with white fluid acrylics and add some more dots before I call it done. And that is the condensed version of how I painted this piece of canvas. Do you want to see what I did with some of it?
I made it into a pencil bag for a friend for a Christmas gift. And now I am off to finish sewing the rest of my canvas into more treasures. Have a good one!


  1. What a gorgeous project - love what you created with the cloth. Love your directions as well!

  2. Jolene,

    This is beautiful. I love what you made with it too. I send a wish for a fantastic holiday with your fabulous family. We really need to plan another art date. I so ready to have one.