Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Smarty Pants

Another page in my "3 Hearts" journal for Christy Tomlinson's class HERE. I went back to my old standby (acrylics) and used about a gazillion image transfers. Plus side: My finger tips have never been so smooth. Minus side: They are also slightly numb from all of the paper I have rubbed off during transfer, but I am looking past that because I LOVE the look of transfers. I also stamped, bubble wrapped, collaged, charcoaled (made that word up, I think), doodled, and gessoed the heck out of this page. Then I added Gelatos and splatter. All in all, this page is a mess...and I LOVE it.

One of the things that people say about my personality is that I am funny and quick witted (that's just what they are saying). I just say that "I come from a long line of smarty pants." It's true. I do. And I'm proud. There's some pretty funny people in that line and I love them all!


  1. Jolene,

    This is a great page. I have never gotten the knack of making transfers, you may have to teach me. DId you see that Michaels carries Copic markers now.

  2. I love these journal pages--they are so amazing!