Tuesday, December 6, 2011


A few weeks ago, I was on Pinterest and saw a pin of an art journal page that I absolutely, positively, fell in totaly L.O.V.E. with.
Isn't it AMAZING?  I HAD to know who painted this page.  I followed the original pin back as far as I could but could not find the actual artist's name anywhere.  I became obsessed.  I REALLY HAD to know who painted this page.  I spent over an hour googling and searching far and wide for the artist of THIS.  I knew whoever painted this would have to be on my favorites list.  They would have to be inspiring.  They would have to love color!  And guess what?  I finally found her!  Her name is An'Angelia Thompson and I was right...she is all of those things and more.  Of course, I promptly put her BLOG in my favorites and started quietly checking in on it for a week or so, soaking up inspiration.  Then one day she announced it was her "birthday week" (how can you not love someone who has a "birthday WEEK"?) and that she was having a giveaway.  I decided to remain quiet no more and left a comment every. single. day. of her birthday week and guess what???  I won!!!  WAHOO!!!
I won her Sugar Skull!  How cool is that?  (Angelia said I could use her pictures by the way.)  But not only that, she sent along the sweetest card, stuffed full of cool papers from her stash for my daughter and I to use on our "arting endeavors".  (She read about the Brave Girls class that my daugher and I are taking together.)  We are in art heaven over here.  Thank you Angelia.  You are awesome!

If you haven't checked out Angelia's blog...DO IT!  I am betting that you will love her just as much as I do!


  1. Oh I love this, congrats on winning too. We need to have a get together, are you game?

  2. Very exciting! Hope ya have fun in your endevours!