Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm Back, Kandice!

My most awesome and amazing friend, Kandice has been wondering where I've been. It's nice to know that someone misses you when you are gone. My blog has definately been neglected lately. There has been a lot going on and not much of it has been working on anything creative. Let's see, there have been soccer games, dance recitals, meetings and I'm in charge of the school book fair. Also, I spent a fair amount of time visiting Kandice one day. I also have had a nasty string of migraines during the last month, but not to worry, I had started some new vitamins about a month ago and it turns out that they were the cause of my headaches. So I stopped taking them this week and I'm feeling TONS better.
Today I attended my brother's ward to watch baby Lexie's blessing. Afterward we had a little get together at his house and we used the opportunity to celebrate my Grandma's birthday. She is so great. I am always amazed by all the things that she knows. She and my grandpa help me so much. It's incredible what they accomplish in a day. My grandma has helped me sew and I learned about sifting flour from her. Her flour sifter was the first one I had ever seen. She worked at the bank when I was a girl and I remember going to the bank just to visit her. She's also a really talented artist. She used to take me to her painting group and give me a little piece of canvas and turn me loose with her oil paints. I loved to paint with her but my creations always took FOREVER to dry. That's the snag with oil paints. Days may as well be years when you're waiting for paint to dry. She also had a cool button jar that I used to love to sift and sort through. I still remember her button jar when I am sifting through mine. Sleepovers at her house were my favorite when I was little, plus she had a stash of Ding Dongs and Twinkies and things. Grandmas always have stashes of things that can never be found at your house. Good times, good times.
Here's the little card I made for her.

Can I just tell you how much I am in love with Cosmo Cricket's Girl Friday line. I'm on my third sheet of this pink polka dot/stripe "Saturday" paper. It's become my new white dot. I've also used quite a bit of the "Sunday" paper as well. It's the blue floral/green graph paper on the flower and leaves. The chipboard scallopped circle is Colorbok and the letter stickers are Making Memories. I can't remember where the green scalloped velvet ribbon is from though. The blue flower is my own design and the center is made from a Stampin' Up punch and two sizes of circle punch. My grandma liked it and I hope you do too. My daughter is itching to get on to Webkinz so I had better go. Be back soon with a few more things to show you. Have a good day.


  1. I was wondering where blogger Jo went to. I am glad you are back. See you guys tomorrow!

  2. Ya-hoo! Welcome back! (And sorry to waste so much of your creative free time!) :-)