Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello! My Name Is:

Well, for those of you who have been waiting on pins and needles (and I'm sure that you have) to hear my final decision on my first Moleskine sketchbook's name...drum roll please...
Yes, that's right, I went ahead with my daughter's suggestion of "Molly" the Moleskine. And can I say, I love her more and more with each sketch. I am still getting used to adding watercolors to the smooth Moleskine paper, but I am loving the practice. I am planning on adding a few more things to this name tag sketch but here is my start.
I've been just doing a few simple sketches about my day. I haven't been able to work in it everyday but I am trying to not put too much pressure on myself about the Moleskine. I don't want to have too many rules or I will be too scared to draw in it. Although, my daughter spilled an entire glass of water on my bag and Molly was the only thing I was worried about in the excitement. I rescued Molly right away and fortunately she came out unscathed. But I learned that I was OK with a little water spilled. My sketchbook is supposed to be a representation of me and my life and what better way to represent the fact that right now, I am first and foremost, a mom. And speaking of mom had the MOST amazing amaryllis this year. The blossoms were as big as my head. I went to take a picture and realized that I had left my camera at home. I wanted badly to do a sketch (a good one, you know, with pencil and lots of eraser) of it before it was gone and I tried desperately all day to get a chance to work on it but, despite my best efforts, all I ended up with was 10 extra minutes before I had to pick up my daughter from school. I just did a quick sketch with a Sharpie and put in the highlights with my waterbrush and raced out the door. I had to finish the painting from memory (which ANYONE who has ever spent any time with me, knows is not great) so this is what I ended up with and it doesn't even begin to show how amazing this amaryllis was. I just loved it.


  1. Beautiful art and you can eat with chopsticks too! You're awesome! You are right about "Molly" representing who you truly are--a wonderful mother with two beautiful, talented, intelligent, creative, energetic children. I love how your sketches chronicle your days--a picture journal of your gifted life.

  2. I love that you decided on the name Molly. Brett was telling me the other day that if we ever move to a bigger place and get a milk cow (can you believe that's even a consideration??!) he would name it Molly for me...cause I'd say we were definitely being Molly Mormons. :-)

    Love the sketch of the fortune cookie from Panda Express, by the I'm hungry for Panda!

  3. Jolene,

    I see that you are having great fun with your moleskine. Your drawings have all been beautiful. Especially the amaryllis and the fortune cookie is really nice too. I need to get your magazine back to you. I'll call soon.

  4. Your mother said it beautifully!!!