Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Official!

I am a "REAL" artist! In fact, my heart is just pounding right out of my chest and here's why:
I just got my very first Moleskine sketchbook in the mail today. Now I know that to many it's just a overpriced, fancy sketchbook, but to me, it's a little dream come true. It is the sketchbook that signifies "artist" to me. I can't wait to take it everywhere with me. I have opened the little elastic band, felt the beautiful paper, checked out the pocket (that will soon be crammed full of my treasure) and read the "History of the Moleskine Notebook". It is just so exciting. I am in the habit of naming things and my daughter has come up with "Molly". I'm living with that name for awhile but I think it is a keeper. Kids come up with the best stuff.
In other news, (it has been quite a while since my last post), I have been reading THIS book and THIS blog by Chris Guillebeau. I have had a goal to get my own passport (even though I am not really "needing" it for any specific travel) and I am getting closer to attaining that goal. I feel the desire (burning) to travel and see the world but my travel budget is approximately $0, so I figure that if I get a passport the action will bring the travel. I have also been working alot in my altered book journal. Most of what I have done in it is feeling pretty personal and not ready to be shown to the world but I did do this layout based on THIS post by Chris Guillebeau. I'm not sure it's "done". I may go back and do some journaling but I loved his message.Other than that, I have been working on some sketches in my now, less than cool, cheap sketchbook for the Sketchbook Challenge. Ever since sketching my children's treasures, I get almost daily requests to sketch another of their toys and I am growing tired of what is now known as my "Fisher Price Collection" of works. While they are treasures to my kids, they are mostly just vacuum grenades to me. So, in an effort to deviate from toys, I did this quick sketch of my hand. I think I may go back and add a little watercolor, but it makes me glad to know that I can sketch something besides toys. And speaking of kids, I guess I should go and take care of their dinner...they whine when you don't feed them, you know?


  1. wow! i love moleskines!!!and art journaling of course!!! yesterday i made a hand decorated moleskine for my etsy!
    have a nice weekwnd and... keep creating!

  2. Amazing... I love the "Just Keep Moving Forward" art. All the best and I hope you keep doing that. :)

  3. Uh, you don't need your passport to come see me! Glad you are getting it tho! Mine is nearly expired, but I love looking at it! I don't have a whole lot of stamps in it, but it is fun to have a sort of travel log. Anyway, the boys LOVED their books you made. Tyler has been making robots all week long. You are super creative and talented! I know that goes without saying, but you really are!

  4. You need to post pictures of your robots! I echo what Jessie said, "you are super creative and talented!" You are destined for great things.

  5. Jolene,

    Well you know you are an artist already but I am glad the moleskine confirms it for you. When we finally get together let me tell you about some travel options I know of. The hand is really nice, as is your keep moving forward page.


  6. Jolene;
    Congratulations on your moleskin journal! I love your first page! It's good to have a passport handy because you just never know what life might hand to you and look at that ~ you're prepared for anything! LOL
    Happy Creating!