Thursday, February 10, 2011

Broken Things

Do you ever feel like this little flower? All tired and bent over and broken? Yeah, me too. Sometimes life just feels so heavy. Like you will never be able to straighten out. Recently I came across a little quote that made me feel a little lighter, helped me stand a little straighter, and reminded me of how much I am loved. It made me feel so good, I wanted to hurry up and paint the words and feelings, so I could share it with you.
"God Loves Broken Things"
18"x14" mixed media on canvas board
Sometimes it's good to remember that when you're feeling a little broken, that's when God shines his light on you the most. We just have to look up and feel the warmth to remember that we are loved more than we can imagine.
So remember..."God loves broken things....because God is in the business of fixing broken things."


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! What a bright, happy reminder on the tough days--and we all feel broken at times. I know I say this often, but your art gives people hope and joy. Keep creating!

  2. Second that! And such great timing too...The LONGEST part of winter is the easiest time to feel a little "bent" and "broken" for me. Your paintings and the bright beautiful colors bring a little springtime when we need it the most!

  3. What a beautiful piece with a lovely message!

  4. Thanks for you lovely message. Your work really brightens my day.