Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You Wanna See the Cutest Thing?

Remember Halle and Og the Frog from THIS post. Well, this is the "thank you" that Halle sent me. I did a little happy dance when I saw it. I love the frog, the fish, the seaweed, the bug, EVERYTHING. Halle's mom said that she spent 30 minutes studying each step in the frog drawing process and she drew nothing but frogs for a few days. Thank you Halle. I couldn't be more proud.
I am finding through teaching art to my daughter's class that the kids really love these step by step doodles. They start by saying, "I can't draw a frog." and end up wanting to show the whole class their drawing because they are so proud that they can draw a frog. The more doodles that I show them, the more confident I see them become. I hear a lot less "I can't" than when we first started.
The other day, while doing some on-line research for art class, I found the coolest little card game. It's called Pick and Draw and we have been anxiously awaiting the mailman since I ordered it. You have got to check out the website for Pick and Draw HERE. It was made by a man named Rich Davis and the funnest thing was when we checked out his BLOG. He has a bunch of step by step drawings posted, like Ekey the Running Robot, Doodlebugs, Ralph the Dog and other treasures. My daughter and I spent Sunday evening going through tons of doodle tutorials there. So fun! In fact, my daughter has been doing quite a few Doodlebug drawings. We have Doodlebugs everywhere!
I cannot believe the impact of these simple little drawings, not only on kids, but also on myself. Speaking of which, I have got to go check the mail...hoping for our Pick and Draw!


  1. I'm rooting for some more doodles from my favorite neighborhood artist! But I definitely may be checking out those cool cards...they might help us get through the winter!

  2. Alexis is following in her mother's footsteps. Great job!

  3. Hi Jolene, Thanks so much for dropping by & for your endless encouragement. I love these little doodlebugs & frogs! So, so cute. What a fun game, too.