Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Unexpected Painting

So, the other day I set out in search of the top of my desk and I don't really remember if getting it cleaned off inspired me to paint something or if I just lost focus and decided painting was funner than cleaning my desk (most likely scenario), but to make a long story short...I sat down to clean my desk and ended up with a painting. Because it was sort of unintended, it is kind of an odd size but I had a piece of 9x9 watercolor paper and this is how it ended up.
"Unintended Love"-SOLD
9x9 mixed media on watercolor paper
It is very textural, which I love. I used much of the collage pieces in the substrate to dictate pretty much everything. For instance, I used a piece of ripped out notebook paper on the substrate and it left a row of torn little circles which ended up as a little scallop along the top. I had 6 little rectangles of colored scrapbook papers which I decided looked good together so I used those basic colors for the entire painting. I enhanced the colors of the little rectangles with paint and then used them for the "LOVE" title. I didn't even know what I was going to put there and after I doodled in the heart on the first one, I decided I needed a word there. I could only think of two, so I asked my husband to help me think of a 4 letter word that wasn't "love" or "s***" (sorry, it was all I could think of, and in my usual way, I am probably a little too honest). At that point, I felt the painting could go either way, and "love" or the other, could prove to be an accurate description. But in the end I really do love it. I am continually amazed by the creative process. I truly don't know how I ended up with this little painting, but now, once again, I must go in search of the top of my desk. Who knows what will happen?


  1. Jolene,

    This is really nice, I like the spontaneity of it. The flowers says spring to me and you know with -22 out this morning spring would be welcome around here. We really need to have that art date....

  2. It's beautiful! Sometimes you get the best results when you're not trying too hard. Can I just say I am LOVING seeing you paint more lately? It is a breath of fresh air when you put up a new post. :-)

  3. Had to smile at your description of the process. But I love the end result!

  4. I love the bright colors and how flowers and love spring from chaos--both on your desk and in the painting.

  5. I love this painting, Jolene. Isn't it the best when it all just falls into place? Love that.