Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thank You Kate

Well, lately I have felt a little like I'm drowning. I haven't spent much time doing anything creative, and that gets me into a funk. The funk makes me just feel tired and uncreative, which causes an even bigger funk. It's a vicious circle. I needed an out and the other day my good friend KATE provided me one with THIS post.
She posted about a blog she found called peonyandparakeet and she makes these most amazing doodle backgrounds. Kate found her tutorial and posted the LINK. Holy cow! These papers made my heart pound, my head spin, and the paint fly. I had to try it out at the first possible chance. Here's my first try.
It is basically layers upon layers of watercolors, Sharpies, gel pens, colored pencils, correction pen, and black Pitt pen. It was such an adventure! The hardest part was knowing when I was finished. I think that you could just doodle on this forever. It was nice to just experiment and now I have a background paper that have scanned into my computer. I can print it and manipulate it any way I like. As I was doodle-ling along, I thought of all kinds of ways to use this technique with other paints and supplies and I am excited to try it. So thank you Kate! I am now excited to do some more art experiments and I couldn't be happier! I owe you one.


  1. I just love your doodle Jolene. You don't owe me a thing. I love passing on what I find out there in blogland. I think it is so great what a little art can do for us. It always helps me when I am not feeling up to par. I love Paivi's work, she does some awesome pages. I hope you will be on to lots of art making soon. Sure was nice to see you today.

  2. Love it! It is colourful, cheery, delicious, fun! I would so love to try it! Thanks for sharing your work and the link!

  3. Looks like you have been having some fun! Glad to hear it and hope your funk is gone! I am sure you will find something super cool to do with it, you always do!

  4. Love it! Girl... you are ubertalented! You're my heroine.

  5. Your art always makes me smile and brings me joy. It was just what I needed on yet another cloudy, cold, windy day! Thanks for bringing the sunshine!

  6. Jolene, that's so beautiful! Your talent amazes me and inspires me! :)