Sunday, July 21, 2013

Still Around

Wow!  This is one neglected little blog! 
Well, I'm still here and I'm still throwing paint around every now and then.  I'm just not awesome at keeping my blog updated, but I did want to stop in and share a bit of AWESOME news to anyone who may still check in on this blog.  If you remember, back in December, I sent in my little art journal to Art Journaling magazine and I am happy, honored, excited to announce that it can be found in the current issue.

See??!!!  That's MY name right there!  It's just so exciting for me.  I love Art Journaling.  It's one of the tools that helped me the most on my art journaling path.  I studied each issue to glean every technique, style, and supply I could learn.  It's so amazing to think that now, maybe, someone else is out there learning from my journal.  It's a "full circle moment" for me and I'm SO GRATEFUL for the opportunity!


  1. Well I was surprised to see you had posted. Yippee I need me a Jolene fix. I need to get you to sign my copy. The article was wonderful. You're famous now!


  2. Your article in Art Journaling brought me to your blog. I love your style, and was inspired to start art journaling again after a lapse of six months. I hope to see more of your posts on your blog and any new creations in the magazine. Congrats for a job well done. Keep on posting all those awesome creations, you never know who might be following your work/blog. Hope all is well in college. Cheers!