Friday, July 26, 2013

Treasure Found

I am a HUGE fan of Sharpie water based paint pens.  I love those things.  I love their ability to write over almost anything, their opacity (how's that for a word?), their ability to just keep on working, and that they are so accessible.  They're in every store.  In fact, the ONLY two complaints that I had about them was that I couldn't get a smaller tip than "fine" in my neck of the woods, nor were there many color choices.
And then I walked into Michaels....
It was as if a beam of light came down from Heaven and fell upon them...
Choirs singing...
That's right!  Water based Sharpie paint pens in EXTRA FINE and pastel colors.  Peach, blue, aqua, lavender, and PINK!  Not neon pink!  Just plain, old, regular pink!  I slapped down my Michaels coupon without hesitation!
Oh, how they make me happy!  I had to take them home and test them out immediately.

I love this quote by Twyla Tharp and if ever there was a week I wanted to run away from home it was last week.  The house made from the tag that the mechanic put on my keys as I left my car with him is just one of the many souvenirs left over from a tough week.
I have some amazing 140 lb. Fabriano hot press watercolor paper in this journal and it was calling for me to just play with watercolors, pens, and my "fancy" crayons (Caran D'Ache Neocolor II's)...oh, and my spiffy new Sharpies!  I LOVE them.  I thought that I couldn't love a pen more than these and then, as I was finishing up this page, the UPS man arrived....and THAT is a story for another day!

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  1. I am always impressed with your art! :) I love what you come up with!