Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just A Few More

Well, I don't have much time to chat but I wanted to share the rest of the cards I made during spring break. I'm still burning up those scraps so some of these supplies are pretty old but the good news is...I can almost lift my scrap bin without causing serious bodily injury. Out with the old means I'll have plenty of room to bring in some new. And speaking of new, the mailman left me a box full of joy this weekend. Roree sent me all kind of new treasures for participating in her challenge. Not to mention one of her super cool handmade cards. I'm so excited. I love it all. Thank you Roree!
My friend Jenny scored a giant stack of 5x5 envelopes from the Artco for a major steal so that is the size I am using right now and I am loving it. It seems just right. This paper is Imaginisce, Heidi Grace, Dream Street Papers, and slivers of Doodlebug's glitter paper. The glitter chipboard flower is Melissa Frances and the ribbon is Michael's

I used these green dots almost as much as I used the white embossed cardstock last week. I love these green dots. They are from Making Memories. That is the only downside to using up the old and moving on to the new...you leave your old faves behind. The laser cut cardstock is from Little Yellow Bicycle and the pink patterned paper is My Mind's Eye. The ribbon is American Crafts and the rub-on is Basic Grey. Plus jewels and buttons and jute, oh my.

This cute ladybug button is from American Crafts and so is the ribbon. The patterned paper is Bo Bunny Press, Scenic Route, We R Memory Keepers and Fancy Pants. The rub-on is Cosmo Cricket. I'm sure you have some idea of where the embossed white dots are from. I've cut my last full sheet of that stuff so I'm going to have to be moving on soon.
Well, gotta go. The snow the weatherman has been warning about is finally here. Apparently we are under a winter storm warning. Don't you just love spring? I'll just keep remembering the two spring days we had and hope they return soon. Have a good one!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Few More

The weather here is cold, gray, rainy and WINDY. My least favorite kind of day. My little ones have fevers, so I had to keep them home from church. A good day to lounge around in our jammies. I have a few more things to post from my week at Jenny's. I still can't believe how productive I was. Right after I arrived I was hit by a big migraine so I didn't accomplish much for two days. After it eased a bit I was on fire! I don't think I have ever finished 8 cards at Jenny's. Despite the headache, I had a great time. We always do.
Here's a few more of the cards I made while I was there.

This little owl is the one I designed for my son's little Valentine box. I thought I'd use him on a card this time. The patterned paper is Bo Bunny Press, My Mind's Eye, We R Memory Keepers, and Fancy Pants. The journaling tag is Daisy D's. The ribbon and letter rub-ons are American Crafts. The letter stickers are Making Memories and the corner rub-ons are Heidi Grace.

Here we have yet more of the white embossed dot paper from Doodlebug. The patterned papers are Fancy Pants, We R Memory Keepers, My Mind's Eye. I layered lots of different sized circles onto flower die-cuts by My Mind's Eye and on the center flower, I added red circles to the underneath of the flower to give it a little more punch. The "thank you" rub-on is Basic Grey. Both dot ribbons are American Crafts and the solid ribbon is from my stash. A few jewels from Darice and that's it.
This one uses NO WHITE DOTS. I know, you are amazed. The patterned paper is Doodlebug and Serendipity on the background. The leaves are made from We R Memory Keepers and Scenic Route. The glitter cardstock is Doodlebug also. The rub-on letters are American Crafts and the letter stickers are Making Memories. The jewels are Kaisercraft and the ribbon is from my stash. The cherries are my own design.
Well my little ones are telling me they are hungry so I'd better go do something about that. I'll post a couple more later. Have a good day.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello, Lexie!

Well, she's finally here and even though she's a little bit early she still arrived fashionably late. This is my brand new niece, Lexie. She's been pretending to be arriving all week and then changing her mind, and it's been killing us, although the only one who has a license to complain about it is my sweet sister-in-law. She's the one who really had to endure. The rest of us were just impatient.
Isn't she the cutest? And she smells just as good as she looks. Love that new baby smell. She's the first girl in our family since my daughter was born almost 8 years ago. My daughter has been dancing around all day with excitement, just waiting to get to meet her. She's pretty excited to not be the only girl anymore. My son calls her "cute baby Lessie". Our family has been going crazy with pink. And that includes Lexie's 3 big brothers. I've never seen 3 boys so excited about all her pink things. They are so cute about her. I never thought I would hear my 9 year old nephew utter this phrase: "Hey, do you want to see the cutest thing?" Followed by a showing of Lexie's complete hairbow collection (which by the way, really is the cutest thing). I so love that guy.
Here's what I was working on while I was waiting for Miss Lexie to make her appearance.More white dots (I know! I just can't seem to help myself.) from Doodlebug. Patterned paper is Fancy Pants and Making Memories. The heart die-cut, sentiment, and paper frill along the bottom are Fancy Pants. The glitter chipboard flower is Melissa Frances and the ribbon is American Crafts. Off to bed for me. I have stayed up REALLY late the last 3 nights. Time to do a little catching up.

Busy Little Bee

Well, I have been on a creative road trip. My daughter is out of school for spring break so we took off for my best friend Jenny's house for a little creativity. While I was there I finished 8 cards (which I think is a record for me) and one of them was my card for this week's 2S4Y sketch by Laura. It was a great sketch, which sounds a little redundant because I say that every week, but I love the sketches at 2S4Y. So much fun.
I used some really old Making Memories and SEI patterned paper. A little more of Doodlebug's white embossed cardstock. American Crafts rub-on letters and a big chipboard "U" from Karen Foster. A couple of gems and a ribbon and there you have it. I hate to have to keep you in suspense for the other 7 cards (as I'm sure you are on the edge of your seat...Hah!) but I'm off to take my daughter to her dancing lesson so I'll have to post the rest later.
While we were on our creative excursion, we learned that our family's new girl in almost 8 years is finally here. We are so excited and are heading to the hospital right after dance to see her. Can't wait!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

2S4Y Challenge

Just a quick post today. I am on my way to take my son and my dad to a car show. They will both be so excited. This week's 2S4Y challenge was a fun one. This was a mother/daughter challenge. So I made a card based on Kazan's sketch and my 7 year old daughter made one too.
Here's mine:
We're still waiting for that baby to come. She keeps making her mom think that she is coming and then she changes her mind. Such a girl! So I still have baby girl cards on the brain. This one uses Doodlebug's embossed cardstock (of course) and glitter paper, K & Co. patterned paper and chipboard dress, Cosmo Cricket rub-on and some jewels.
Here is my sweet daughter's card:
She is so much fun to do a project with. We had a really wonderful spring day here yesterday (I actually got to run outside yesterday and today) and my daughter's card shows it. She is the BEST girl and we have a great time together. Well, off to the races (well, car show, that is).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What A Lucky Day!

Can I just tell you...today has been rather eventful and other than my 2 year old being...well...a 2 year old, it's been mostly good events.
First of all, I finally got to work on my Roree Rumph challenge card. She posted a challenge almost 2 weeks ago and I've been trying to work on it ever since. It can't be just any card though, I mean this is ROREE. You all know how much I love her work since I'm always going on about it so I can't just throw something together (like I could if I wanted to). The challenge went like this: A card using one of the "Sketch This" sketches, at least 5 manufacturers, and texture (not flat). Here's what I ended up with.

This little card uses patterned paper by Imaginisce, Fancy Pants, My Mind's Eye, Carolee's Creations, Bo Bunny Press, and Dream Street Papers. The chipboard frame (altered, it was blue) and letter stickers are Making Memories. The ribbon in American Crafts and the brads are Doodlebug. The glitter is Martha Stewart. The flower center pebble is Colorbok and I think that about does it. The "Sketch This" sketch I chose was card sketch #32. There were so many great sketches, it was a pretty hard decision. "Sketch This" is a great place to find yourself if your looking for a little inspiration.
Yesterday, my daughter had been really thinking about what she was going to wear to school today that was green. Neither one of has much green in our wardrobe and neither one of us is too willing to start adding green any time soon, so while we were in Wal-Mart she said, "It's too bad I don't have any green nail polish." I thought that was brilliant idea so we turned around and headed to the cosmetic department in search of green nail polish. She asked if I would paint my nails too and she looked so cute when she asked so I agreed. Last night we painted our nails and all day long this is what I saw as I was working. (Only not as blurry, I'm not going blind yet.)
Let me tell you, for a girl who doesn't even paint her nails with clear polish, this is quite a shock to look at all day. Maybe this green polish has brought on some extra luck though. And here's why...
You know that empty spoon hook in my kitchen? Well, it is empty no more. My mailman left me a package from that awesome Melissa Phillips and inside was...you guess it. My brand new Jillie Willie apron. It is even cooler in real life. I may have to wear it all day tomorrow. I love it. Thank you Melissa and Jillie Willie.
I got to go to the birthday party of this little man.
Tyler is 3 today. He is the sweetest guy. I can't believe it's been 3 years since I held him in the hospital. He was my sister's 9 pound preemie. He was just a big boy. In the NICU, on the night he was born, there were all of these teeny, tiny little things and then there was our Tyler. So easy going. Just hanging out in his almost too small plastic box. Now look at him. He makes me smile. Just Sunday, he pulled the fire alarm at church and had to apologize to the bishop and then the firemen when they arrived. He was so good about it. How I love this guy. He always makes me smile. Happy Birthday Tyler! And guess what? At the birthday party, I found out that our family's girl is on her way. Probably will be here in the morning. I'm so excited. I might have to paint my nails pink in honor of her. I'll have to ask my daughter if she would be willing to share her nail polish because the only color I have is "Kermit Green". I love our family and I can't wait to meet the newest member.
Whew! What a day! I'm off to bed. Hopefully, tomorrow is just as exciting for me and you! Good night!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome, Little Chick

It's been a little while since I've posted a project. Last week was just one of those weeks. There was much to do and I couldn't seem to find any time for creativity. I vow to be better this week. I really feel crummy when I don't do at least a little something creative and last week I was feeling it. But Saturday, I went to a little crop and ended up helping a girl in my ward make her first scrapbook page and I think I may have created a monster. Let's just say, all her hard earned babysitting money has been used in supplies. She is so excited. I also may have purchased a few pieces of paper myself. Making Memories' "Flower Patch" line just hit the shelves around here and I found it quite inspiring. My entire family is pretty excited to be welcoming another girl into our family. My brother and his wife are expecting a girl and our family hasn't had a girl baby for almost 8 years, when my daughter was born. My daughter is my parent's only girl grandchild. They have 6 boys and 1 girl. Needless to say, we are all thinking pink. Even the boys. It's pretty exciting. She should be here sometime around the end of March.
This little card uses (you guessed it) Doodlebug's white embossed dot cardstock and glitter paper. Making Memories "Flower Patch" paper and letter stickers. Tim Holtz pink distressing ink. And a little blue jewel from Kaisercraft. The little chick is my own design.
I plan to do a little more work in the "Flower Patch" today. But first, the dryer just called my name so I'd better go before I become all wrinkled. :) Have a good one and think pink!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Backpacks and Birthdays and Other Good News

Well, I haven't got a single cute project to show for this week and I'm feeling it. When I don't do something creative, I start to feel anxious and I get in an unhappy funk. And frankly, I am there!
The school district issued a press release about our Backpack program and since it's my baby, guess who had to talk to the news? That's right...me. They timed their stories to coincide with this month's Food Bank truck arrival. When I arrived I found that all three local news stations were there. When it was my turn to talk to them, it was a little unnerving to have 3 cameras on me at once. I didn't know where to look when I spoke and I told them that their cameras had better not be the kind that add 10 pounds. It is not exactly my idea of a good time but I will do whatever it takes to help keep those kids in food. The need is so great and I can't get the vision of a little child praying for help out of my head. How could I say no? Backpack is so expensive and so hard for the Food Bank to keep funded, so we have to keep the word out there.

Today, after the news pieces aired however, I have received some of the best phone calls from people wanting to help and interested in getting it going in other schools in the district. I have had some really sweet conversations today from some really giving people. That has been one of the hidden blessings in this Backpack endeavor. I have met some of the most amazing people. You just can't believe some of the things that people are doing in this world. It's a nice reminder that the whole world isn't as crazy as it sounds on the news.

One other super cool thing happened this week. And I mean SUPER COOL! Melissa Phillips chose my sucker card for her Jillie Willie apron challenge. I'm so excited about that. I love Melissa Phillips and I love Jillie Willie and I have already started making room on the bent spoon hooks that I use to hang my aprons in my kitchen. See...empty spoon...just waiting...
Did I ever mention how much I love finding new ways to use old junk? Don't even get my husband started on my old door and window collection in the garage. My awesome aunts, Mary and Ilene and I are kindred spirits in using old junk and Mary had her husband Richard make some bent spoon hooks for me. I love them. When I get my kitchen finished, I'm going to use bent spoons and forks to hang my curtains. Oh and one of my cool old doors will be on a cabinet for my broom and I have all sort of grand ideas for that. One day, I tell you my husband will really appreciate my junk. At least that's what I keep telling him. Wow! I really got on a tangent there...don't get me talking about junk...my excitement takes over. Anyhoo...
There were some really cute cards in the challenge and I am so glad that I don't have to make those kind of decisions. I don't know if I could do it. I always get way more inspiration from others when I do challenges. That is one reason I love them so much. But thanks Melissa for choosing my card and thanks Jillie Willie for the cool apron.
And just one more thing...Happy First Birthday to this cute boy!
He is my nephew Isaac and I must say that I am just crazy about him. I absolutely love every single one of my nephews. They are all so amazing to me in so many different ways. When Isaac is happy, he's the happiest boy ever! Love you Ike!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Cat's Meow

I haven't had much creative time this week. Yesterday was spent in doctor offices' waiting rooms. My husband had an appointment and so did my son. Plus a meeting at school and a "Love and Logic" class. I spent a grand total of 50 minutes at home yesterday. So I just went straight to bed...do not pass go...do not collect $200. Today I needed to do a little catching up on the housework before I could work on this week's 2S4Y sketch. It is a little bit of a departure for me from my usual things. A little shabby.
The cute "cat's meow" tag, the flower paper, and the green dot paper is Graphic 45. I love that stuff but I hadn't used any of it. So I decided to give it a try. The notebook paper is Making Memories. The rub-on is Basic Grey. The giant green button is one that has been floating around in my button jar FOREVER. I actually can't believe I have found a home for it. That's pretty much it. I'm off to get my little ones ready for a birthday party, which reminds me...I still have to make a card! Can you believe...all these cards and I still have to make one for every birthday party? Crazy, huh?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

2S4Y News

I have been having the best time working with the sketches over at the 2S4Y blog the last month or so. I just love their sketches, their design team, and especially all of the really sweet and encouraging people who post their awesome designs every week. Everyone there seems so supportive of each other. Each Monday, Laura and Kazan take turns posting a sketch to work on for the week and on Sunday they announce the "Card of the Week" and "The Fab 5". Today I was so excited to find that my little "You Shine" sunshine card was chosen for "The Fab 5". I'm so HAPPY. I had a great time making that little card and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to play with the girls over at 2S4Y. You guys are the best! Can't wait to see the next sketch tomorrow! Better get to bed so I can get all of my work done in the morning so I will have time to work on it. You should really join in on the fun if you haven't already. Thanks for dropping by.