Friday, February 13, 2009

Did I Mention?

Did I happen to mention that I LOVE Valentine's day? Growing up, my parents always made a big deal out of Valentine's day and we loved it. We would have a candlelight dinner with all the "fancy" dishes and things. My mom had these inexpensive cut glass stemmed dessert dishes that she would put red Jell-o and Cool-Whip in and she has a red tablecloth (I think my parents received it as a wedding gift) that she would put on the table. We would all dress up in our nicest clothes and we would use our best etiquette. We didn't always have a lot of money but my parents would make it the nicest night of our year. After dinner, we would all exchange our Valentine's and treats for one another. Our parent's would always give us a gift and candy. We always felt loved and special and isn't that what Valentine's day is all So now, that's what you'll find us doing at our house tomorrow night. I need to help the kids finish up their valentines and I think I'll make some Chicken Parmesan. A few years back, I found a dish set on clearance that is red and white and I only use them for our Valentine's dinner...$14.95 for the entire set so it's not like it's fine china, but that's the lesson I learned from my parents. The things that I remember about our Valentine's dinners were not the things that were the most expensive. I'll always remember the "Jell-o glasses" and they were just the type you could buy at a five and dime, but to a kid, those were fancy. And last year, I finally invested in my own red tablecloth (I had been borrowing my mom's). I still make my own Valentine's for my friends and family and here's this years version:Just some cute wrappers for Hershey bars. The pink dot paper is Bo Bunny Press and I love this stuff. It's so cute. The pink glitter paper (the heart) is Doodlebug. I am getting a lot of mileage from the $1.99 per sheet I paid for that glitter paper. I can't think of a single project I haven't tried to use it on recently. I still can't believe that I actually kicked down $2 for a single sheet of paper, much less several different colors of it. I must have hit my head but I sure do love it! The pink and red polka dot ribbon is from the dollar bin at Porter's. It's American Crafts. The green and pink ribbon is from Michaels.
While we are speaking about love. Let me take just minute and thank you all for the kind words and support you have given me. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. wow - I love your blog - i particularly liked your cupcake card on 2 sketches for you - could you tell me how you made the cupcake please - is it a die cut? thanks becky

  2. Can I just say how I wish I could reach through the computer screen and get one of those cookies right now ~ they look soooo yummy! Thanks for the sweet shout are too sweet! Did her hair turn out? We love valentines's a holiday where you can do so much to make it so special with out spending alot and too much fuss! Have a very Happy Valentine's Day...♥ ya much!

  3. thanks for your comment and offering to post your template for the cupcake - I'd love to use it if that's ok. You can email me via my blog if that helps. Thanks again

  4. Okay, someone started a thread over on Splitcoast regarding your cupcake card you posted on your blog on Jan 27th. It has a little "toothpick" flag on it that says "smile" We were all wondering if the cupcake is a die, or did you make it? Thanks. Sue

  5. Oops! Just read the previous comments. Would you mind popping over to the splitcoast thread, and posting something on the thread?? Here's the link:

  6. Just wanted to also say love your blog and the cupcake!

    I was with Becky on Saturday and we were very excited about your cupcake... I've been looking everywhere for a die that would look right as I am fussy when it comes down to cupcakes... yours is fab!

    Look forward to seeing your template... thanks ever so much for offering to share it :)