Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Hoo's" Having a Half-Birthday?

Well, I had a creative spurt last night and made this little owl Valentine box for my little guy ("I not a baby, I a big boy"). The owl turned out so cute I think.
Here's both my son's and daughter's together. I am loving these little boxes. Really, they are pretty simple and you just need a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock and the Split Coast Stampers tutorial I talked about in my earlier post. Other than that, it's all scraps. I drew the owl and paper pieced it and the glitter letter stickers are Making Memories. And that's about it!
The other little project I've been working on is a little treat for my daughter to take to school for her "half-birthday". Since she was born in early August, I have thus far been able to focus all of my craziness on her birthday parties (I may have been know to go a little nuts for my kid's birthday parties, stop laughing Jessie) and haven't had to worry too much about school birthdays, but this year, her sweet teacher keeps track of everyone's birthday and if they don't have one during the school year, she celebrates their half-birthday. So we decided to make these little matchbook M&Ms treats.

And here's another of my "necessity is the mother of invention" moments. I had this cute cupcake stamp that I found in the $1 bin at Porter's, but I don't have anything to color it in. I thought I would need to invest in some watercolor pencils but it was late at night and I remembered I'm cheap, so I thought, "I wonder what would happen if I outlined in Crayola marker instead of watercolors, but painted it with water, I mean, if you get markers wet, they bleed. What could possibly go wrong?" I seriously didn't expect it to work but they turned out great. The color bled together and faded. For instance, the heart was a bright red marker but faded into this pretty cupcakey color. Plus I saved myself some pesos! More to spend later on paper, if I can ever burn through these scraps.
Anyways, there is a package of M&Ms stapled into the little matchbook. I am aware that they are 2nd graders and could care less about anything but the candy, but my daughter loves them and that's the important thing. And that's pretty much why I do this crazy stuff anyway.


  1. Those are just too cute! And you are so ingenius {sp} to use the markers! Will you be my mom and make me awesome litle goodies? ;) The things we do for our kids...yours are so lucky to have a mama like you! Hope your feeling better!

  2. Those are some super cute projects! I'm sure there will be at least a few kids who take time to look at the cover before they tear into the M&Ms.

  3. How cute are those little treat bags?? I love hte buttons and the little owls! And the m and m baggies are great. The kids will love them. Thanks so much for the sweet words on my blog. I always love stopping by and seeing your wonderful things, too. ;)