Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Papertrey

Well, maybe it's all the Sudafed, but this card was a challenge and not just for Papertrey. It's taken me far too long (which explains the bad lighting for the photo, it's getting dark) and I even had a sketch. I just couldn't get it right and even now, I'm not completely thrilled with it, but in this paper/perfectionist thing I suffer from, I just have to remind myself that it's the effort which is the reward. Oh, and speaking of rewards, Papertrey is giving away, to one lucky challenger, a spool of each and every color of ribbon they have. Like news like that will help me stay in bed and get better. I just had to submit, bad lighting and all. Plus, it doesn't even have to be good, they just choose a random winner from all the entries. So here's mine. It's a birthday card for my daughter's friend Yamilex.
The letters and flowers are on Doodlebug glitter paper but you can't really tell in the photo. The rest is scraps, of course. The patterned paper is really old My Mind's Eye. Well, it's back to the couch for me. Now my husband is sick and my little boy has developed a bit of a cough too. It doesn't look like Primary is going to happen for me tomorrow. I'm sure most parents would not appreciate me sharing the plague with their little ones. You know what would make me feel better?...besides being knocked unconscious...winning 95 spools of ribbon! Crossing my fingers. Hope you all have a good night and thanks for dropping by.

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  1. So cute! Love the color combo you got there! Orange and pink go really well!