Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Today is my nephew Tyler's 4th Birthday. He found a Star Wars cake at the Wal-Mart with little guys on it and their tiny light sabres lit up. Needless to say, I was off the hook in the cake department. How could I possibly compete with tiny light sabres THAT LIGHT UP! They were really spiffy. He kept going between Transformer and Star Wars for his birthday party theme, so he had mostly Star Wars with a Transformer pinata. My son and I went to the store to find him a present. We planned on getting something either Transformer or Star Wars. Imagine our excitement when we found a Star Wars Transformer. Well, of course, we had to get that. What could be more perfect? We came home to wrap it and my daughter offered to make a birthday card (of the hook, again). When she showed it to me, I just had to take a picture.
This is the front. She made cake that was black and orange with tiny light sabres for candles. Isn't that the smartest thing? Well, maybe I'm a little biased, but you have to admit, that's pretty clever.
Here's the inside. Two Star Wars guys holding, what else, but light sabres. Tell me that is not the cutest thing! Tyler recognized them immediately, so I know she knew what she was doing. I loved this card. I could have spent 4 hours making a most amazing card that would have nothing on this one. Love my girl!

While my kids were at the party I came home and did a little painting in my art journal. I am really loving that thing. I might even share but the light at night is not so good for picture taking, so maybe I'll take a picture tomorrow.

Well, I'm off to bed. Happy Birthday, once again, to my sweet little Tyler man. Your aunt Jo loves you tons.


  1. Glad they had fun. We were all tired too! Jake was so funny when we played duck duck goose. He really seemed to like that game. Tyler loved the card. He did know immediately what it was! Apparently she takes after you in the skillz department!

  2. I agree-Alexis takes after her talented mom. And Jake provides comic relief for all of us!