Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Art Journal Pages

Just taking a few minutes to share some more pages from my art journal. I have been spending most of my extra minutes, here and there, working in my journal. It has been a great experience for me. Some people call it cheap therapy, but in all honesty, I've probably spent enough on art supplies to afford at least an hour from a good therapist. Yikes! But I am LOVING experimenting with different types of paints and techniques. If there was an art supply store around here, I'd probably spend more trying all different types of paints and things. LOVE IT!
This page is about courage (obviously) and since I NEVER seem to use purple, I decided to be brave and force myself to do something purple. I wrote all the things that I didn't want people to see in 3 different colors of Sharpie going 3 different directions then painted over it with diluted gesso. Then I laid down a purple watercolor wash and began splattering it with some glittery watercolors, just to see what would happen. The metallic watercolors acted somewhat like a salt resist and then I splattered it all with rubbing alcohol for an additional resist pattern. It looked really cool once it dried. The henna pattern is based on one that I found somewhere on the internet.
Here I was just playing around with my acrylics and came up with this background. I also had been sketching faces. I love the quote by Da Vinci and before long it became this in my mind.
Well, I'm off to make a 1st birthday cake for my niece and the good news is, there are no birthdays in April so this is the last one for a while.


  1. I really can't put into the right words how beautiful and inspiring your journal is and your are! You are so very talented and I love looking at your pictures! But what you write and how you write it...I've come back more than once to read it and remind myself of some those same things! Your are truly talented Jo, at so many things!! You amaze me!! And I'm truly mean that! I can't wait to see more and thank you for sharing!! Love you!!!

  2. I ditto what Chris just said! I need a copy of the courage one to take to work these days.