Friday, July 22, 2011

A Most Amazing Experience

Watching my brother's solo U-2 flight this week was such an amazing experience. Our family had the opportunity to ride in the chase car that helps the pilots land the U-2. This video shows what it looked like from a chase car. The video was filmed at the same AFB with the same make, model, color, and heck, might even be the same car that we rode in while following my brother. There were 8 of us so we split up and each rode along for 5 of my brother's 10 "touch and go" landings. We hit at least 100 mph every ride and my dad saw the speedometer hit 130 mph. Although we didn't really watch the speedometer because we were so focused on the plane right above us. It looked close enough to touch. The kids were obviously impressed. Oh, who am I kidding, I was equally as excited as my 4 year old. Maybe more (since I'm being honest here).

It was a once in a lifetime experience for me and I am so grateful that I was able to go. Being able to solo in a U-2 is a pretty remarkable accomplishment. They give you a number when you complete your solo and my brother's number is 898. That means that he is the 898th person to solo a U-2 since the plane was put into service in 1955. I kept telling my kids what an amazing experience they just had and I hope that when they grow up, they will realize that they were able to do something that most people just don't get the opportunity to do, but most of all, I hope they learn, from my brother's example, that you can accomplish anything, even the "impossible", if you are willing to do the work. Congratulations Brent!


  1. Very cool! Glad you guys got to go on that wild crazy adventure! Hope you have recovered from the crazy drive! Thanks for posting the pics on fb too!

  2. That is great, I am glad you had such a great time.