Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sketching, Journaling and Catching Up

I know that you all probably think that I have been in some sort of artistic rut or something, based on the number of posts here lately, but no. I am alive and well. I have just been too "busy" (read "lazy") to take some pictures and get them posted. So here's what I have been up to the last little while. 1. I have been journaling. I have been working in my 9x12 Canson Mixed Media journal lately. Love the paper in that thing! As much as I enjoy altering old books for my journals, it's almost like heaven when you work with decent paper.2. I have been sketching in "Molly" the Moleskine. I love the feeling of a Moleskine sketchbook in your hands but I am not crazy about the paper for watercolors. I think I am turning into a paper snob. Wish I was able to bind a book as well as the people at Moleskine. Then I could have the best of both worlds.
3. I've been working on finishing up my travel journal from our vacation.
Look how fat and juicy it is getting, and we were only gone a week! I saved a colossal amount of stuff along our journey and I LOVE this thing. I made one for my daughter and one entirely full of pockets for my son too. We had a great time relaxing at night and working in our journals while we were gone but I still have a bit more to work on before I can say that it's finished.
Well, that's it! That's what I've been doing, well, besides weddings, laundry, barbecues, parades, sparklers, vacuuming, and attending my 20th class reunion. That's right 20th! I guess I no longer qualify as a spring chicken but I did have a great time. Our class really is an amazing group of the best people on the planet. Just GOOD people. I really do love them. Probably couldn't have said that WHILE I was in high school but now that I am older and wiser, I can say that for sure! I guess it's good that I am no longer a spring chicken...well, at least in that regard. I'm just hoping that my mid-life crisis involves a black Dodge Charger with a Panther Pink stripe. If I have to get old, that's the way I want to get there!


  1. Jolene,

    These journals look great. I hope you will bring them next week. I would love to look at them. Love the first page, would love to see it close up. You are just getting older, not old. Great to hear you had a good tie at your reunion.

  2. Looks great! Glad your reunion was a success!