Monday, July 18, 2011

So Excited!

I'm so excited to be going here:

To watch him:

Fly this:

I have never seen my brother fly in real life and this flight will be his U-2 solo. It's a BIG deal! I can't wait to spend all night driving with my parents, kids, and nephews (we rented a Suburban) to get there. 3 adults and 5 kids, 13 hours one way...what could possibly go wrong? Wait don't tell me. I want to be an optimist! But really I don't care how I get there, I just can't wait to see my brother. He is awesome. No matter what, it will all be worth it. I even made another Remains of the Day journal to take with me. I ran out of time posting pictures of it, but I will when I get back home. I kinda LOVE it.

I'm so glad my husband supports me in all my craziness. He really helps me try to accomplish all the "brilliant" ideas that pop into my head. Maybe he just likes all the quiet when I am off on another adventure with the kids but I so appreciate him. I am blessed.

And we are off! This is truly going to be our California Adventure!

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