Monday, July 25, 2011

Where Have I Been?

As I mentioned before I left for my big adventure, I finished a new Remains of the Day journal just in time to go. I LOVE (I know I use the word "love" a lot, but I really do mean it!) to use vintage bits and pieces in my journals but I have a hard time running across them and when I do, they are usually more money than I want to spend. I mean, after all, I am just going to cut them up, tear them, paint over them, etc. I don't want to spend a wad of cash. Plus, my kids usually don't appreciate "the hunt" as much as I do. SO here's my major discovery: Just Something I Made HERE by Cathe Holden and Graphics Fairy HERE by Karen (I'm sure she has a last name, but I don't know it). Oh my goodness, these two blogs are FREE VINTAGE HEAVEN!!! Did you catch that? FREE!!! Both these blogs have like a bazillion followers and so, as usual, I am one of the last to know, but I love them so much! It's like I've been living under a rock and someone just turned it over. I really don't know where I have been but I'm happy to be educated in Just Something I Made and Graphics Fairy. My printer has been working nonstop since I discovered them. Awesome. I'm so grateful they both share their treasures. So grateful.
Here's a few pages from my journal. The blue "Seal of Approval" is from Just Something I Made. So is the vintage tag. The eyes are from an old journal page.
And so are both of these tags. There are so many little bits that I printed for this journal and they make me so happy! You can see more pages with my little vintage treasures HERE.
And speaking of happy, I know that I have been going on and on about watching my brother's solo but I just have to post ONE MORE picture (well, maybe one more). It might be the best picture of the entire trip and it doesn't even have a plane in it...
...Isn't that the best. Makes me start to tear up.
How's that for the cutest thing?


  1. What a precious picture that is. Your journal looks amazing. We still need an art night, are you ready for one?

  2. How did you manage to get your journal done before you left? I am sure it was a crazy scramble since the trip was so last minute. It is very cool! I am sure you guys found a lot of fun treasures to fill it with. Luckily one of them wasn't barf since you were riding with Kasey!