Friday, January 6, 2012

Got Gum?

It all started when I couldn't find my favorite gum anymore.  I had to try something new.  So, I bought a package of Sweet Mint Orbit gum and when I unwrapped it, I noticed that it had some great graphics on the box.  Graphics that could inspire a doodle.  So when the box was empty, I thought I would hang on to it.  When I bought a new package, it had a different graphic, so I had to save that one too.  I started thinking of a gazillion little ideas for using those boxes, so I saved the next one too.  After a while, I had a ridiculous number of Orbit boxes that needed to be used up, so I just started cutting and gluing onto a background I had started.
The rest of the page is assorted, goofy randomness.  After I finished with the gum boxes, the friendship bracelet that my daughter made for me finally fell off after wearing it for months.  It was the same colors at the gum boxes, so I formed it into a heart and stuck in on there.  I also did a few doodles that were inspired by the boxes, and found the words "plumb bob" in the background.  I just happen to like saying "plumb bob"'s just fun to say!  Try it!
And that's my very random gum box page.


  1. It's fun to see this all finished. Its gumalisish, i know that isn't a word but it was fun to say anyways. DId your crayons come yet?

  2. Very fun! You are too creative! Good luck with your new class! You will do great!