Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello 2012

After I said goodbye to 2011, I needed to say hello to 2012, but after my resolution revelation, I decided that I wasn't going to do resolutions this year.  Many of my artist friends choose a word to focus on during the year, so I decided I needed a word.  The trick is coming up with the right word.  I know that we are already 9 days into the new year and I should have my word already, but I haven't decided on the right one.  There are lots of great words!  I've narrowed it down but I'm not sure just yet.  I've been working on Strathmore's Online workshop with Traci Bautista, so as I doodle away on my journal page, I'm pondering on just the right word.  Oh, and if you haven't been following along with Strathmore's workshop, I suggest you look into it.  It is FREE.  (Free is the only word I can scream without having to put a quarter in the swear jar!)  It is Traci Bautista and it is awesome.  Hopefully by the end of my doodle, I will have a word of the year.
By the way, the flowers on this journal page started out as a napkin that my friend Kate gave to me in a GIANT box of paper happiness.  After I separated all the layers of the napkin and collaged the flowers on, I started adding paint and pens and it now no longer looks anything like the original, but I still like it.  After I got it all finished I found a fortune that was hanging around on my desk, so I had to stick that on there too.
And now, I must go.  Fibro is kicking my butt today.  All this typing has set me up for a nap.  How sad is that?


  1. Oh this is fabulous, I am glad you have used one of the napkins. Bye the way they are doing another ROD swap on the yahoo site.

  2. Beautiful page. I chose to not do resolutions also. A word is so much better. Mine is Effervescent.
    Hugs and blessings