Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Calendars-Part 2

Here's a little more calendar for your viewing pleasure.
June-Everybody except the baby and they're sitting relatively still!
July- One happy baby, with apparently no fear.

August- Race cars I made from boxes for my son's birthday party. Unfortunately, I could never get a picture of my son in his, but here's everybody else.

September- Oh man! Do I love this dog or what? This is one of the most hilarious pictures and if you knew this kid you'd especially laugh. Goofy, is one of his talents.

October- My cute cowgirl (she totally wishes this was not a costume, but real life. Except that her horse was the real McCoy) and my little pirate (Arrrr!). My son had to be a pirate because he sounded so cute saying arrr! By the way, little pirate costumes are hard to come by so I had to sew this one. What I won't do because someone has a cute arrr! Love these two!

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