Thursday, January 1, 2009

Doodle Girls Club

Ok, so while our family was on our summer vacation, I picked up this book by "American Girls", called "Doodle Studio" for my 7 year old daughter to play with in the hotel room. It is a treasure. It is really two books. One has all of these super cute step-by-step doodles and the other is called the "Doodle Diary". I totally got into doing all of these fun doodles with her and doodling with my daughter became one of the highlights of our trip. While we were doodling, my daughter came up with the idea of forming a "Doodle Girls Club" for her and I. She set up a regular meeting schedule for us to follow when we got home. I bought a regular sketchbook for my "Doodle Diary" and some of Sakura's "Glaze" and "Souffle" pens (which, by the way, are so cool) and we doodle. Well, to sum up this long story, my daughter packs her doodle stuff all over now and her "Doodle Diary" is completely full, so I decided to make her a new one and a matching tote to haul it in for Christmas.
This tote was so much fun to make. The pattern is McCalls #5598. The rose and leaves, I had to figure out on my own. I had to come up with a pattern for them.
The "Doodle Diary" is a sketchbook I bought from Barnes and Noble. It's just like mine except mine's not cute. I like it because the pages are thicker so the pens don't bleed through as much. I removed the front and back covers and painted them white. The papers and most of the embellishments are "Little Yellow Bicycle". Anyways, isn't it amazing how many times I can use some form of the word "doodle" in one post.

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