Saturday, January 10, 2009

Merry Christmas...uh Sorry!

OK, so I really thought that my last post was going to be the final chapter in the calendar saga. But there was an unforeseen plot twist that I thought I would share. So, I drove to my parent's house to give them their calendars and we walked in the door and I gave my mom her's and I said Merry Christmas and just then, my son threw up all over her kitchen. I didn't even have his coat off yet. He managed to get his coat, pants, shoes, everything really. So in what was intended to be a "drop and run" ended up being a "strip the boy's clothes and wash them while I scrubbed the kitchen floor run". I didn't even get a chance to give my grandparents their calendar. My mom is going to take care of that for me. Can you believe the luck? That has got to be the best Merry Christmas ever. Good thing my parents love their calendars and that we all have a sense of humor. I mean what else can you do but laugh. By the way, my dad bought a new bright red Bosch washer and dryer last year (mostly I think he bought it because it matched the paint on his car and he wanted something else he could wash and wax) and that thing rocks! You need a doctorate to figure out how to turn it on but my mom was able to wash and dry my son's coat, shoes, and clothes in no time flat. If it had been my regular washer and dryer, I'd still be at my parent's house waiting to redress my naked child. I had my doubts but it's cool!

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