Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Am Loving These

OK, how cute are these? Someone had given my friend Jenny some that were similar but they used a serger and I don't have one, so I had to come up with this design. It's just two strips of fabric sewn together with a loop of ribbon on one end and two long ribbons on the other. A piece of ribbon is hot glued around the ends to give them that finished look.

Then one of the long ribbons goes through the loop and you tie the two long ribbons in a bow. There is four little squares of sticky back Velcro on the inside to keep the headband from sliding around. A really quick little project. In a matter of an hour I had whipped up 3. And they use up that weird little end I always seem to have on my leftover fabric. I have lots of ideas spinning in my head to embellish these. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh dang... those are adorable! Love 'em!

  2. Those are darling!! Great idea about the velcro...that's why I rarely let my girls wear head bands cause they slide all over! Look forward to seeing more...♥